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The Nashville Hub hosts the Academies of Nashville Study Visit to share how Nashville has transformed its high schools into personalized learning communities that offer rigor, relevance, relationships, and readiness for all students. Participants explore and learn about the strategies, structures, and tactics that are producing real progress in high school reform in Nashville. The agenda is structured to bring a high-level view of the systemic and broad-based transformation taking place in Nashville, including the extensive and deep engagement of the business community in the effort.

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The Academies Study Visit allowed us to really experience the schools in action. It's great to discover more about key aspects of this approach to learning and think about what that may look, feel and sound like in our community. Plenty of food for thought

Had an amazing 3 days at the Academies of Nashville Study Visit! We got the opportunity to see some unbelievable projects, meet some fantastic students, and make connections with leaders and teachers all around the world. Thank you for putting on such a great event!

I knew the school visits would be great (which they were), but I also found the role-alikes and topic sessions to be incredibly helpful – digging deep into the details so that we can go back to our community and talk in depth about it when needed rather than just high-level. Very, very helpful.

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