Group training and coaching support for cross-sector collaboration, community convening and community engagement.

Alignment USA is now
Collaboration Hub

Alignment USA (AUSA) was formed out of Alignment Nashville in response to growing nationwide interest in our model of a coordinated support framework for youth empowerment and success in Nashville, Tennessee. AUSA has supported communities across the country in starting up convening organizations and/or improving practices through the use of the Alignment Toolset. In addition, the Alignment USA Network of shared practice has provided opportunities for communities to learn from each other and share lessons learned.

In 2022, AUSA became the Collaboration Hub within Nashville Hub. We welcome any organizations or entities doing the important work of convening cross-sector collaboration to support schools, students and families to participate in the network at no cost. Collaboration Hub will continue to convene the network, provide opportunities for participants to connect, and offer free learning opportunities throughout the year.

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In addition to convening the Collaboration Hub Network, our practitioners can customize training and coaching to help you:

Understand and communicate your WHY
Facilitate effective meetings and community conversations
Bring the right people together

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