Coaching support and events for high schools that are working to create and maintain high-quality, engaging career pathways and CTE.

Visit the Academies of Nashville

The Nashville Hub hosts the Academies of Nashville Study Visit, to share how Nashville has transformed its high schools into personalized learning communities that offer rigor, relevance, relationships, and readiness for all students.

Our practitioners can customize
training and coaching to help you:

Assess current pathways and align to regional workforce demand
Engage business and post-secondary partners to enhance the pathways
Align nationally recognized industry certifications
Facilitate business and community conversations to support stronger pathways

Freshman Seminar Course available for your students

Freshman Seminar allows students dedicated time to focus on their future, understand what it takes to be successful in high school, post-secondary and careers. They make educated choices about their pathways based on research and experiences, and they begin to understand why some of the content courses are important for their success.

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